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8 Natural Remedies for Diarrhea to Help You Feel Better Sooner

If youre looking for natural remedies for diarrhea, this post is a great place to start! Were sharing tons of helpful in

Understanding a Potential Cause of Nasal Congestion

Understanding a Potential Cause of Nasal CongestionNasal congestion, due to colds or seasonal allergies, affects almost everyone at some point. This year, with both seasonal allergies and COVID-19 run

5 Super Salsa Recipes

"From sweet juicy mangoes to spicy peppers, salsa is full of flavors that tantalize the palate. See more pictures of int

These 10 Bathroom Hacks Will Change Your Life

No matter how cramped or disorganized or dirty your bathroom is, you just cant stay away. Its the first place you visit

30 Simple and Nutritious Flaxseed Recipes for Weight Loss

Flaxseeds may be tiny, but what they lack in size, they make up for in health benefits. Flaxseeds have a fairly mild, sl

Are You Being Love-Bombed? Here Are the Signs To Look Out For

I know what you’re thinking: Love bombing? Ugh, not another new dating term. Between ghosting, benching, orbiting, etc.,

How to Give First Aid to Your Dog

"Playing Vet with your dog? MrPliskim / Getty ImagesHave you ever seen a dog injured in a fight or hit by a car? Perhaps

5 Secrets for Having Effective Office Meetings and Banishing Boredom

"Make your office meetings more productive with these tips. Tom Werner/Getty ImagesPointless work meetings are their own

Everything Bagel Goat Cheese Balls

1 of 9 When it comes to party appetizers, you cant go wrong with goat cheese balls. Theyre

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5 Foods that Will Make You Happier

"Chocolate contains the pleasure-inducing chemicals dopamine and serotonin. See more pictures of chocolate.©iStockphoto.

Can delivery meal services help you lose weight?

"Delivery services are convenient -- but are they worth it? See more pictures of diet fads.©

Get Personal with Your Workplace Benefits

Get Personal with Your Workplace BenefitsChoosing employee benefits during annual enrollment is often one of the most important financial decisions you make each year. If your company is like most, it

Arrival of European Breeds Wiped Out Native American Dogs

"The Labrador retriever, the most popular breed in the U.S. for 27 straight years, largely descended from Eurasian breed

How to Downsize a Recipe

"Cooking for two instead of twentycan still be worth the effort. See more pictures of easy weeknight meals.PhotodiscThe

No, really: Why is it so hard to eat healthy?

"Healthy food is good for us, but unhealthy is just so good. See more pictures of food portions.©

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Zoom Games for Kids: 12 Online Activity Ideas to Keep Kids Connected

With schools and summer camps cancelled, children are relying on online platforms like Zoom and FaceTime to stay connect

Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters Recipe

These Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters serve as both a drink and as an hors doeuvre, though theyre technically more of a beve

Guilt Free and Delicious: 21 Desserts Under 100 Calories

Contrary to popular belief, you dont have to give up your favorite treats if you want to lose weight. In fact, many nutr

Do vegetarians have smellier sweat than omnivores?

"Do vegetarians have smellier sweat than omnivores? It might actually be the opposite.PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Ima

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10 Low-budget Uses for Corn

"Corn is cheap, versatile and delicious! See more vegetable pictures.Andrew Unangst/Photographer's Choice/Getty ImagesAt

10 Frugal School Lunch Ideas

"Kids like comparing school lunches. Make sure your child's doesn’t get swapped with our great suggestions. See more sch

Sausage Stuffing Muffins Recipe

This holiday season, elevate your side dish game by making these sausage stuffing muffins. Theyre crispy on the outside,

Easy-to-Make Monster Punch

Whats green, bubbly, and and looks terrifically spooky? Monster punch! This is the perfect drink to serve at your Hallow

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What’s the Difference Between a Neoplasm and a Tumor?

"President Ronald Reagan points to a bandage after having a basal cell neoplasm removed from his nose in 1987. A neoplas

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Comparing Medicare Plans Can Save You Money

Comparing Medicare Plans Can Save You MoneyMedicare open enrollment is here. With plan premiums at historic lows, now’s the time to review your coverage optionsMedicare’s Open Enrollment gives people

Low-Fat Cooking Tips

"These helpful low-fat cooking tips will helpyou take and keep weight off.Sanja GjeneroTaking off weight and keeping it

Russian Honey Cake Recipe

Russian honey cake is perfect for any special occasion. Featuring layers of soft honey cookies and sweet sour cream fros

What does your house’s scent say about you?

"Does the smell of your home make your guests want to stay outside? a guest walks in your home,

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Be a Hero this Halloween

Be a Hero this HalloweenBeing a hero goes beyond dressing up in a costume this Halloween season. Children, families and schools across the country can channel their own superpowers to help deliver lif

Get Away Without Going Away

Get Away Without Going Away5 family staycation ideas that won’t break your budgetFamily vacations are a great way to bond and take a step back from the hectic schedules that accompany everyday life, b

5 Common Questions for Memorializing a Loved One

5 Common Questions for Memorializing a Loved OneOne of the most difficult conversations in a person’s life typically takes place near the end of that life. Planning for a funeral can put an emotional

Top Tips to Transition Back to Work After Baby

Top Tips to Transition Back to Work After BabyMany new parents spend hours preparing for the arrival of a new baby – reading books, seeking professional advice and consulting friends and family. Howev

Making the Back-to-School Transition Easy from Kindergarten to College

Making the Back-to-School Transition Easy from Kindergarten to CollegeIt’s time to get your household organized for another school year and all that comes with it. Whether your child is headed off to

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Find Your Influence Style this Year

Find Your Influence Style this YearThe ability to influence those around you is a key leadership skill. To influence effectively, you must be adept at getting your opinions and ideas heard, recognized

How Men and Women Use Body Language to Flirt

"Using different forms of body language is the most common way men and women flirt with each other. See more relationshi

Grandparent Getaways

Grandparent GetawaysTrips to take with your grandchildren- "No parents allowed." It's not a sign on a kid-only clubhouse, it's the first rule of travel for memory-making grandparent/grandchild vacatio

Do-It-Yourself Basement Wall Bracing

Things You'll Need HammerChiselGroutGrouting toolTape measureSpade5-inch-square steel I beamsConcrete2-by-10 lumberCircu

How Many Calories Will the Tour de France Winner Burn?

"Tour de France riders Oliver Naesen of Belgium and Michael Schär of Switzerland have to eat constantly to replenish the

Is there a right way to poop?

"Although it may seem unusual to many, squatting is probably the best way to poop.vadimguzhva/ThinkStockThe 20th century

8 Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Accomplish

1 of 6 Overview Being stuck in the same old way of decorating your home can weigh you down.